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BREAKING: Memo Exposes Maine Dems Dishonest Tactics On Hospital Debt

Following is a memo from the House Republican Communications Director to the Maine press exposing the dishonest tactics of Democratic leadership in a press conference.

Also attached is a screenshot that absolutely exposes the dishonesty of their claim that they did not try to split the Governor’s proposal in half.

Please take note of the many points that require debunking from just one day, on one issue, with Maine Democratic Legislative Leadership.

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"There were so many holes in the Democrats’ presentation this afternoon that I’m not sure where to start. 

They repeatedly accused Republicans of practicing “do-nothing politics.”  But when politicians refuse to pay their bills, that’s deadbeat politics. 

They talked about how much debt they paid off under Baldacci, distributing a handout saying they settled $743 million of it.  The real question is:  Why did they rack up so much?  And were they really paying down a debt, or were they dodging their hospital bills long enough to call them debt, right before finally settling some of the tab?  Democrats can’t escape their fiscal irresponsibility.

Rep. Fredette mentioned the Democrats’ underhanded attempt to split the Governor’s bill in two parts Wednesday, a fact that Democratic staff has contested today. See attached for a screenshot of the committee calendar that clearly shows the Governor’s hospital bill as “Part A only” for the public hearing. 

The Speaker’s Office confirmed their action to me on Wednesday before changing their minds later on.  They never discussed splitting the bill with Republicans.  This is obviously not a huge deal, but it points to the Democrats’ duplicity in referring to “Washington-style politics” while pulling a parliamentary slight-of-hand like this. 

Democrats said the Governor’s plan puts us in debt to Wall Street.  But who do they think bought those countless mortgages they took out on Maine’s economy over the years?  Can they really say that with a straight face? 

The point is that the hospitals don’t want this debt.  We imposed it on them and we’re not paying them interest.  Bondholders are at least willingly entering into the transaction.

When one reporter suggested that all this debt was an indication that perhaps we should temper our Medicaid spending, Democratic leadership looked at him blankly, clearly confused.  It’s a simple concept.  At some point debt and overspending catches up with you.      

The bottom line is the Democrats have no plan for paying our bills.  They want to spend the state’s liquor revenue on our growing Department of Health and Human Services.  Then they want to issue bonds even though the state’s credit rating would be downgraded because the hospital debt is outstanding. 

We want to refinance this massive debt with a revenue bond, injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into Maine’s economy while doing the right thing by those whom we owe money.  That’s the responsible plan.

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